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A guided tour with a Nature Guide is an unforgettable experience – all guides know their region in and out and can reveal the hidden treasures and stunning secrets of the natural and cultural landscape that you would probably miss otherwise. They are qualified and experienced and make sure that you are safe and well cared for at all times. Sustainability and the protection of nature and the environment are the foundation of their work.

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Commitment to people and nature

Nature Guides are people like you and me, yet experts in their field. With a solid base of knowledge about wilderness and the environment, local flora and fauna, as well as the customs and traditions of the area, their guided tours become unforgettable experiences. As ambassadors of the region, they are well networked and can act as a broker between local tourism businesses and visitor to help you make the most of your trip.

Networking for sustainable rural development

Nature Guides are networkers – communication is an important tool for them. They are in close contact to authorities, nature reserve administrations, and the tourism industry and they lobby actively for nature conservation and sustainability. Nature Guides take on responsibility to protect the natural treasures of their region, which provide the basis for sustainable nature tourism and their own livelihoods.

Nature tourism as an economic factor

Nature Guides help shape the future of rural regions. As active networkers and entrepreneurs and thanks to partnerships with local tourism businesses, they consolidate local value chains, boost the economy, and promote sustainable tourism in areas, which are often subject to rural depopulation and limited development perspectives.