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Powrót do źródeł - "Return to the Sources"

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10 - 20

My target groups


Length of tours

Hiking: 8 - 25 km; Kayaking ca. 15 km; Cycling: 30 - 80 km


on request

About me

It all starts with a need. Strong or weak, deep as the ocean or hardly perceptible, on the edge of consciousness. It can make you want to walk off the route to look at something which caught your attention: look behind an old tree, climb up a hill in search of breathtaking landscapes – and from there your adventure continues, just like mine did. I have always been close to nature, trying to distance myself from overwhelming mass culture.
For 8 years I worked in museum as a numismatist and working on early mediaeval coins taught me about being attentive to details and careful with artefacts in general. Most of my spare time I spent riding a bike, going on long walks, reading books, listening to music and playing it in clubs as a DJ.
Around 2017 I started exploring Pomerania deeper, focusing mostly on geomorphological and hydrological features, but never forgetting about other sides of our environment and human activity in former times. Water is an element I love in every shape: the sea, lakes, rivers, springs, swamps. That’s why I adore kayaking – the best way to become one with the flowing river. Bicycle trips with sleeping in a tent and exploring new roads also gives me a lot pleasure. And last but not least – I can get almost everywhere by feet.
If you’re looking for an unusual guide into Pomerania – look no further. Come with me.

Why a trip to my region is worthwhile

Pomerania: a true hidden gem among European landscapes. It represents many features which are rare in other parts of Poland. Pomerania is sparsely populated, with thousands of crystal-clear lakes and wild rivers, which are perfect for kayaking. Fresh postglacial landscape makes Pomerania extraordinarily picturesque: deep valleys with steep slopes, high hills, springs, erratic blokes and monumental trees. Here you can take a deep breath, look at the sky, smell a scent of a true wilderness: deep in the forest, far from the crowds, close to our true nature. On the other side, there is space for exploring the remains of human activities from older and younger times: ancient barrows, early mediaeval hill forts, gothic architecture, mills and other industrial remnants from modern times.

Special tour offers

The power of flowing water. An expedition along Wieprza river
Landscapes of Pomeranian Urstromtal between Sarnowo, Chocimino and Wietrzno villages
Deep Blue. The Bobięcińskie Wielkie lake and its surroundings
Other world. Landscape Park of Słupia River Valley
The view from above. An expedition along Grabowa river
Watch out for rigand Rummel! A trip around Miastko hills.
Above sea level. The mountain landscapes of Łeba river valley.

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