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Activities for the following group size

I take groups of 8 people with my own transport. The size of the group is adjusted to the specifics of the trip (e.g. bike tours).

My target groups

Adults, Youth, Children, Senior citizens, School clases, Holiday camp, Couples, Families, People with disabilities

Length of tours

from several kilometers, depending on the package and mode of transport

Catering/food supply during tour

Self-catering, Tour-Stop at a restaurant, café or similar, Cooking and eating together as a tour theme, Organised by me, On request


Price adjusted individually depending on the trip and package

About me

Nature is my passion.
I am fascinated by the places where different elements of different cultures and intertwined stories clash. The place I chose to be, my "center of life" is Karsibór, one of the 44 islands of the Świna retrograde delta. Over time, this area, where river currents overlap with sea waves, was hosted by Venetians, Vikings, Pomeranian Dukes and many others.
Such a natural and historical melting pot has created an amazing place, the values ​​of which I would like to share with you.
After studying geography, I started working at the university. I also managed the ornithological nature reserve of Karsiborska - a place unique in the world scale.
Currently, as a licensed tourist guide, I carry out hiking, bus, canoe and bicycle tours around the region. I cooperate with leading travel agencies, leading trips around Scandinavia, especially to Sweden or to the north of Majorca - the island of Bornholm. I also carry out specialist trips, e.g. study tours, night observations of animals ornithological observations "Bird Watching". Together with my team, we organize trips on our own as a legal tour operator, as evidenced by the entry in the Central Register of Tourism Organizers and Entrepreneurs Facilitating the Purchase of Tourist Services.
Accommodation and the possibility of setting up a tent or parking in a motorhome complete my offers.

Why a trip to my region is worthwhile

West Pomerania is a unique place in terms of nature, history and culture. The Inglorious Świna Delta, along with the land of 44 islands, is an oasis of peace and quiet. The beauty of the area has been recognized by awarding the title of the most beautiful view of Europe.

Special tour offers

Selected offers
Kayaking in the land of 44 islands - Kayaking trip along the back delta of Świna
Watching a white-tailed eagle - ornithological observations
Eratyki - stone visitors from Scandinavia, a trip in search of any rock and mineral specimens
Mindfulness - de-stress on the islands - a peaceful walk in nature in the Shinrin-yoku style that shapes awareness of the surrounding nature, carried out in various scenery so that we can sharpen all our senses. The walk is combined with elements of nature therapy
Scandinavia - in harmony with nature - a 3-day trip for small groups oriented to the Nature of Scandinavia
And others available on the website

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