Wilderness in the coastal hinterlands

Germany as a place of unspoilt wilderness? Hard to believe but embedded in the vast cultivated landscapes of the coastal hinterlands surprisingly wild ecosystems remain. Did you know that the river Peene flows through low-lying marshlands, river meadows, and thick beech forests for almost 100 kilometers like an “Amazon of the north”? And all that just a stone’s throw from the popular seaside resorts of the Baltic Sea coast. Beavers and European otters cavort in the water, while white-tailed eagles, harrier birds, and Eurasian kingfishers are hunting for prey – and with a Nature Guide by your side the special features of these astonishing worlds will reveal themselves to you.

A lagoon full of life

The Oder River Delta marks the border between Germany and Poland and is both resting place for migratory birds and nesting place for native waterfowl. Here, by the sparsely populated Szczecin Lagoon, extensive woodlands and boglands, dry heaths and alluvial forests exist directly next to each other, making for a habitat diversity that is quite unique in central Europe. It is due to the chequered history of the border region that such pristine natural landscapes could survive with comparably little human intervention. Nowadays this is a place of European friendship, where charming villages bear witness to the architectural and cultural heritage of a region deeply rooted in traditional fishing and agriculture. Not far from the settlements you can experience healthy ecosystems and observe a wide range of flora and fauna – from majestic creatures like the lesser-spotted eagle or the wolf to endangered species like the Eurasian hoopoe. In the water, the biodiversity is astounding, too: Zander, ruffe, and northern pike grow exceptionally large here and in autumn, salmons travel up-stream for spawning.

Luckily, there is many a way to explore the area: on foot by hiking the little-used paths, by kayak or canoe, by cycling the well-maintained bike trails, or even on a solar-powered boat on the Peene River. And the adventure doesn’t just stop at the national border: The trans-national region Pomerania offers awe-inspiring nature and unforgettable experiences manifold – in Germany just as in neighbouring Poland.