Dictionary for Nature Guides

Broadening horizons - For yourself and others

Nature knows only one language and it is universally understandable and readable – a wonderful thing for nature guides who can create connections between people and nature worldwide.

But sometimes it helps if you are facing international guests on your own tour and can help them with a few words of English (or other languages) to be able to take them a little better into this wonderful world out there.

Whether it’s ecological terminology or just a few everyday or typical words you usually use during your tours: Just look up the word! With a bit of luck, the right phrase will be among the approximately 3300 terms.

Our 4-language dictionary offers you, dear nature guides, the possibility to expand your tours with corresponding terms from German, Polish, Lithuanian or English – as you like and enjoy it!

You will be amazed how grateful international guests are who make an effort to follow your native language when they occasionally hear a few familiar words. To all those who already offer tours in several languages, the dictionary will hopefully be a useful addition.

We hope you enjoy your Nature Guide dictionary!