Discover the Southern Baltic Sea and its unknown beauties … with the Nature Guides!

In contrast to its endless sandy beaches, cliffs and traditional seaside resorts, the direct hinterland of Southern Baltic Sea region often receives less attention – despite the fact that here you often find hidden nature treasures, like old beech and pine forests, large swamps and meadows, estuaries and rare salt marshes. The Nature Guides of the regions know these rarities and look forward sharing these natural phenomena with you.

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Southern Baltic Sea with its bigger inflows Oder and Nemunas (blue) as well as the project area along Baltic Sea coastline (orange) (© OpenStreetMap contributors)

Nature without borders

Especially the border regions along the rivers Oder (Germany / Poland) and Nemunas (Lithuania / Russia) are of breath-taking beauty and home to many rare wildlife species. The sparsely populated landscapes along the rivers offer valuable habitats and migration corridors for species such as European bison (Bison bonasus), elks (Alces alces) or the critically endangered sturgeon (Acipenser sturio).
The relatively undisturbed areas offer retreat areas for migratory birds and for vulnerable species such as the lesser spotted eagle (Clanga pomerina) or black stork (Ciconia nigra). Therefore, it is not surprising that you can find here a variety of larger protected areas. Nevertheless, even far away from these protected areas there is much to discover.

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Uniqueness and diversity – landscapes in the partner countries

Although nature knows no borders, its richness and uniqueness comes along in different ways in the three partner countries Lithuania, Poland and Germany. Specific regional historical events, various manners landscape management and the diverse natural and cultural influences shape the broad expense of the Southern Baltic Sea region and thus contribute to diverse natural and cultural landscapes.

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