South Baltic Nature Guide Network

A network of qualified Nature Guides and sustainable nature tourism

The EU funded project Nature Guide Network aims to support sustainable nature tourism in transboundary coastal areas in the South Baltic Region (see map) via increasing the share of skilled labour force in the green economy sector.

Founded by

European Regional Development Fund


January 2018 – December 2020

Partner countries

Lithuania, Poland, Germany

The project will bring forward the development of a new job profile: the Nature Guide. This profile of a nature and tourism expert will be tested in order to provide corresponding nature tourism offers within the regions of the project partner countries Lithuania, Poland and Germany. In addition, national and transnational nature tourism networks are being strengthened or built up.

Objectives and measures of the project

All project partners collaborate to create a Nature Guide job profile and training scheme based on shared values and objectives while considering the specific contextual framework of each country. Learnings from different international guide training schemes are taken into account in the development process. The training itself is one of the key objectives of the project – it enables the Nature Guides to develop their own tour concepts with sufficient background knowledge and methodological skills to eventually bring their services to the market. Ongoing evaluation and project assessment will improve contents, coaches, and additional requirements of the pilot training in order to secure a well-balanced qualitative regular education for nature guides in the future, in all partner countries and possibly beyond.

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Well-functioning networks are needed to create a professional environment in which Nature Guides can unfold their services’ full potential. For one thing, a transnational network is built for the Nature Guides specifically. This allows for the exchange of information, further education opportunities, and potential collaborations between guides. For another thing, existing networks in nature tourism and rural development are to be bolstered in order to foster an ongoing exchange between authorities, tourism organisations, NGOs, nature guides, and the public.

Demand for authentic nature experiences and outdoor adventures among tourists is increasing. The tours and experiences offered by Nature Guides cater to this demand. The project aims to professionalize the framework conditions for Nature Guides in the tourism industry through regular network meetings and joint marketing efforts. This way, a solid foundation is built for a reliable basic income for Nature Guides. The services provided by Nature Guides contribute to the creation of value in the local tourism sector. Mutual recommendation agreements and active networking are important factors for boosting sustainable nature tourism.

Project outcomes

Jointly developed job profile “Nature Guide”

Jointly developed training scheme

Quality Assurance Methodology

Project partners

University of Klaipeda, Lithuania

University of Klaipeda, Lithuania (Lead Partner)

Klaipėda University is located on the Lithuanian seaside – an area unique from the natural, economic, cultural, and geopolitical aspects. The University has a multidisciplinary experience and capacity in different activities including environmental research and technology, coastal tourism development, analysis and management of ecosystem services, spatial planning, environmental education etc. For the University, SB Nature Guide Network project is a possibility to merge deep environmental knowledge with sustainable nature tourism concept to create new possibilities for coastal tourism development.


Zita Rasuolė Gasiūnaitė
Tel: + 370 46 46 398846
E-mail: zita(at)
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Curonian Spit National Park Administration / CSNPA, Lithuania

Curonian Spit National Park Administration, Lithuania

Curonian Spit is a narrow strip of sandy dunes and green forests stretching 97 kilometers along the Baltic Sea, of which 52 km belong to Lithuania. It is unique and vulnerable, sandy and wooded, surrounded by two waters cultural landscape on a coastal spit which features small Curonian lagoon settlements. 
The Curonian Spit, as an outstanding nature corner which became a national park in 1991 and UNESCO World Heritage site as cultural landscape of global significance in 2000. The aim of the National Park Administration is to ensure ecosystems stability in the Curonian Spit, to restore the destroyed and damaged natural and cultural objects, to provide conditions for leisure and ecotourism and to raise public awareness through environmental education activities. As we are responsible for Curonian Spit development, so for us SB Nature Guide Network project is a great opportunity to improve quality of tourism service.

Lina Dikšaitė
Tel: +370 469 51224
E-mail: gamtosgidai(at)
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Association of Friends of the Ina and the Gowienica Rivers / TPRIiG, Poland

Association of Friends of the Ina and the Gowienica Rivers (TPRIiG)

The Association of The Ina & The Gowienica Rivers Friends has been operating since 2002. We promote sustainable fishing and nature tourism. We planted over 65,000 trees above statutory rivers. We poured over 500 tons of gravel into Ina and Gowienica, recreating the rapids – spawning grounds of salmon and sea trout. Every year, our members patrol the basin, traveling up to 10,000 km, protecting natural breeding fish from poaching. We participate in the development of environmental protection plans from the beginning. We are part of Rewilding Europe co-creating with German partners Rewilding Oder Delta. We also belong to the Stepnica Tourist Organization, sharing with the tourists the secrets of the region. We implement projects for the protection of the environment and the development of tourism based on the natural resources of the region. In our ranks there are three generations of enthusiasts and lovers of wild, healthy rivers next to each other, together creating a new level of ecological awareness in the Region.

Artur Furdyna
Tel: +48 531 402 868
E-mail: arturfurdyna(at)
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Northern Chamber of Commerce / NCC
, Poland

Northern Chamber of Commerce

Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin is the largest chamber of commerce in Poland. Its principle task is to provide services to member companies, including training and education the organization of cooperation visits and the facilitation of networking opportunities, financial assistance and interest representation and lobbying. Another key objective is to bring international learning to local SMEs. Over recent years, tourism have become a specific focus for NCC as it strives to enhance the Western Pomeranian tourism sector and performance.
NCC’s main responsibility in the project is to create an international network of Nature Guides to establish and maintain nature tourism in SB regions. NCC, having a wide experience in supporting specific sectors on the EU level, will ensure that the Nature Guides idea will be broadly promoted and will boost the development of nature tourism. NCC, using its contacts with companies, will also attract various stakeholders to the Nature Guides idea.

Jacek Wójcik
Tel: +48 91 486 07 65
E-mail: jw(at)
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Environmental Action Germany / DUH, Germany

Environmental Action Germany / DUH

The Environmental Action Germany (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. – DUH) is a non-governmental environmental and consumer protection organisation in Germany. The profile of the DUH is characterized by long-term engagement in project-related networks in collaboration with other environmental, nature conservation and consumer associations, business enterprises and municipalities as well as private specialists. The DUH is committed to species conservation projects and sustainable regional development within the Szczecin Lagoon region. Together with the projectpartner HOP, DUH has already implemented a LEADER project for supporting local guides in the German region of Western Pomerania.

Judith Kühn
Tel: +49 175 9905190
Email: kuehn(at)
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HOP Transnational Network Oder Delta, Germany

HOP Transnational Network Oder Delta

The HOP network aims to develop and establish sustainable and innovative tourism concepts with mobile information and navigation systems and cultural festival formats in the German-Polish border region through long-term, result-orientated cooperation with local actors.
The demand for professional contact persons, who offer guided tours and accompany guests in a competent and entertaining manner is considerably higher than the number of exisiting professional landscape guides.
The profession of the nature guide is at the center of a pilot project to develop new sources of income in rural areas. The innovative job description also addresses young people, improve the attractiveness of the region, and counteract emigration.

Beate Reimann
Tel: +49 152 31830947
Email: beate(at)
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