Company name

Briedžių takais – On Moose Trails

Activities for the following group size

Optimum 5 - 15 persons

My target groups

Adults, Families

Length of tours

10 - 15km hiking; 30 - 80km cycling

Catering/food supply during tour

Self-catering, Tour-Stop at a restaurant, café or similar, On request


30€ per person (min. 150€ per day)

About me

Hello! My name is Simonas, and I am the Singing Nature Guide. Dad first recorded me on my second birthday, and I’ve been singing ever since. Folklore has always been a string in the tapestry of my life – so has nature!

I have also been working as a tour guide for many years, starting with cultural tours, gradually moving to cycling, and now on to nature hiking. Summers are usually busy with 10-day bicycle tours in all three Baltic countries, and the rest of the time is filled with off-road cycling and hiking tours.

Would you like to experience Lithuanian nature by bike or on foot? Come along! I will show you some great spots in my area or even further out.

Why a trip to my region is worthwhile

They say that the longer the people settle in one area, the more they become in tune with their surroundings. Lithuanians have been living on the coast of the Baltic Sea since the last glaciers – one-kilometer thick ice sheets that covered all of Northern Europe – melted more than 10,000 years ago. Perhaps this is why we find fairy-tales about tall mountains made of ice, and hard to reach golden castles on top of them. The location of my home city Vilnius was right at the edge of it all. The glaciers stopped here. They were the reason for leaving us with beautiful ancient floodplain terraces, curvy drumlins, old riverbeds, and deep gullies. One would be hard-pressed to find another capital with so many geological features and green spaces. It does not take a long drive to enter an old forest, to admire glacial lakes, to stand on top of a cut bank, to step your feet on continental dunes or breath in the air of upland moors. Each terrain offers its own biological diversity. Due to the unique natural conditions that formed the land, there is lots to explore here!

In addition, Lithuania is a friendly, accessible, and very safe country for traveling from most European destinations. It is a part of the European Union, and is proud to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Special tour offers

Individually tailored hiking and cycling trips in and around Vilnius

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