Discover and experience wonders of nature?
… Together with Nature Guides!

Hidden beauties behind the hill, soft sounds in the trees’ tops, secret tracks in the sand … and nobody is aware of it. The language of nature is too often unheard and yet offers so much unknown wealth, well-being and inspiration.
Nature guides lead to discover the small and big secrets of the world out there and to awaken our senses. As mediators between human and nature, they create opportunities to experience unique natural phenomena and thus open previously unknown horizons.

Commitment to humans and nature

Nature guides are experts in their discipline. They have reliable knowledge of nature and the environment, know the region they live in and the people in the neighbourhood – next to that, they embark their guests on an exciting journey. As representatives of the regional tourism, they also are able to provide suitable contacts and places that contribute to the well-being of the guests in addition to the experienced tour.

Networking for sustainable regional development

Nature Guides are networkers – communication is one of their most important tools. They are in close contact with representatives of tourism, protected areas and government agencies to represent the interests of nature and landscape conservation. They partly become responsible for securing the natural resources of the region, which are the necessary basis for sustainable nature tourism and thus also for their own income as Nature Guides.

Nature tourism as an economic factor

Nature Guides are people who help shape the future of rural regions. With their networking activities and their own tour offers, they enrich the local value chains and strengthen nature tourism in rural areas too often characterized by emigration to the cities and low-income opportunities.

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