Corona-related Information

Corona-related information

The Nature Guide training in Lithuania is temporarily suspended due to Corona and will be continued at a later date. We keep all participants updated.
For further questions, please contact: info(at)

Unfortunately the International  Network Meeting for Polish, German and Lithuanian nature guides as well as a representative from nature conservation and nature tourism branch, planned for the period 26 April – 29 April 2020 in Germany, must also be canceled in current situation. However, the Nature Guide Network Team is aiming to make up for this meeting this autumn.
For further questions, please contact: janina(at)

We wish you all the best for your health and that everyone keeps a clear head and, above all, remains confident in such difficult times for the tourism industry!

Vitamin A – Tourism Fair LT

Vitamin A – Adventur Tourism Fair in Lithuania

On 24-26th January Curonian Spit National Park Administration (CSNPA) participated in International Tourism Fair Adventur in Vilnius (Lithuania) and presented the “Nature Guide Network”. Adventur is the largest specialised tourism exhibition in the Baltic States, which brings together representatives of tourism from Lithuania and foreign countries.

This year’s topic of the fair was Vitamin A (“Atostogos”, meaning “Holliday” in Lithuanian language), putting emphasis on health tourism, which is one of the priority branches of the Lithuanian tourism and also a rapidly growing global travelling trend. CSNPA, as supporters of health tourism, presented walking routes in nature with Nature guide’s recommendation and promoted concept of Nature Guide as a profession among guides in an event organized by Lithuanian Guide Association.

The three selected participants of the “Nature Guide Training Course” in Lithuania were invited to present their services in the fair. This was great opportunity to present their nature tours to tourism agencies, guides and interested people. Participation in the fair was also beneficial to educate people about nature in Curonian Spit National Park, with joyful questions and very nice souvenirs with “Nature Guide Network” label.
More about the fair find here: Link.

Further progress in Nature Guide pilot training in Lithuania

Further progress in Nature Guide pilot training in Lithuania

The Nature Guide Training course in Lithuania has finished its first module Nature/History/Culture, which lasted for 2 months with 6 meetings every second weekend. So far we had very interesting topics about ecosystems, ornithology, mammals, forestry, cultural landscapes, geology, animal tracing, meteorology and more.


Our participants are very much driven into learning specifics about nature of the region and our lecturers happened to be real experts in their field! Though for some lecturers it was real challenge to teach about their decades-lasting research topic in one day, with interesting short theory and interactive fun practice.

All participants evaluated every course according to Quality Assurance System‘s questionnaire. So far we had very diverse feedback about the training, mostly dependent on previous knowledge and educational background of the participants. The main strengths of the training so far were professional lecturers, interesting field trips and practical workshops.

However, some pilot training’s weaknesses were mentioned too, such as too much theoretical non-applicable information, not enough practice, too little time for broad topics. This feedback was very valuable for the Training Program Management Committee and some improvements will be made in the next module. So, we will continue the training course again early in January with new module Legislation/Management/Communication with lots of practice and interactive sessions.

Polish-German Business Panel

Nature Guide Network at the 91st German-Polish Business Forum

On 4 December, the 91st German-Polish Business Forum on “The Development of thematic Tourism in the Euroregion Pomerania” took place in Stralsund, organized by the Service and Advisory Center of the Euroregion Pomerania (Greifswald).

The occasion of the event is the increasing economic importance of tourism in the Euroregion Pomerania as well as the changing demand structure of the guests. Certain activities or holiday themes – such as sports, horse riding, event tourism or wellness tourism – are more and more often the decisive criterion for choosing a holiday destination. For the tourism associations and communities as well as for the providers of tourism services of both countries, this also creates challenges and new opportunities. Nature tourism offers on the mainland, far from the typical seaside resorts, are gaining in importance.

Thus, the Nature Guide Network project has its fingers on the pulse: we presented in Stralsund the first development results of an international platform for nature tourism offers by the Nature Guides from Poland, Germany and Lithuania. Through talks with companies and stakeholders from the Euroregion during the event, the Nature Guide Network continued to grow.

Successful Nature Guide Education Camp (ENG + DE)

Nature Guide Education Camp (DE) successfully completed
Five days, 15 participants, 17 experts – a lot of specialist knowledge, intensive discussions, lively practice units, exchange of experience on different levels and plenty of networks. The Nature Guide Education Camp in Trittelwitz (DE) was a great success.

After intensive days, a few tears roll down at the farewell moment: “The group atmosphere and the ambience at Landhof Trittelwitz were fantastic!” a participant reports at the end of the week, “These were compact and sometimes exhausting days with a large number new and interesting information.” Others participants praise the opportunities for exchange to concrete questions and the practical units for own trial and error experiences.

“We wanted to let have the participants a wide range of opportunities: on the one hand to gain knowledge about business start-ups and marketing and on the other hand to test natural pedagogical methods and thus to put themselves in the position of future guests”, Judith Kühn from Deutsche Umwelthilfe explained as the co-organizer of the education camp.

In addition to a variety of different specialist contributions by lecturers, e.g. from the protected area management, tourism associations and providers as well as from the field of landscape communication and sustainable tourism planning also active tour guide gave important tips for the budding nature guides and enriched the group with their experiences.

After the training camp, the German participants – as well those of the pilot trainings in Poland and Lithuania (Nature Guide Training) – may receive a certificate as part of the Nature Guide Network project, if they fulfil certain tasks. For the education camp in Germany the preparation of a business plan is expected, which kindly will be examined by the network partners IHK Neubrandenburg (chamber of commerce) and WITENO GmbH (start-up supporting enterprise).

Further international network meetings are scheduled for 2020, which will link both active and future Nature Guides of the project regions with relevant actors from nature / environmental protection and tourism in order to promote a lively Nature Guide Network.

NG Bildungscamp Bewerbung II

Bericht im Nordkurier (30.10.19)
Neuer Kurs für ambitionierte Naturführer startet Was zu beachten ist, wenn man Naturführungen anbieten möchte, wird bald bei einem Bildungscamp erläutert.

Vorpommern. Naturführer kennen sich natürlich mit Pflanzen, Tieren und noch vielem mehr aus, was die Welt da draußen zu bieten hat. Nicht wenige davon vermitteln ihr Wissen über die Schönheiten und Eigenarten Natur eher nebenberuflich oder ehrenamtlich. Naturführer, die sich allerdings mit dem Gedanken tragen, das alles künftig etwas intensiver zu
betreiben und eigene Touren anzubieten, könnten beim „Nature Guide Bildungscamp“ richtig sein, dass vom 11. bis 15. November ganztags im Landhof Trittelwitz bei Demmin stattfindet.

Unter anderem soll es dabei um Fragen des Marketings, der Buchung, des Rechts oder auch um Versicherungsfragen im Zusammenhang mit Naturführungen gehen, erklärt Janina Pankratz vom Transnationalen Netzwerk Odermündung HOP, die selbst zertifizierte Natur- und Landschaftsführerin ist. Der Kurs richte sich vor allem an Leute, die bereits eine Ausbildung als zertifizierter Natur- und Landschaftsführer haben oder ähnliche Qualifizierungen vorweisen können. Bewerbungen für das Bildungscamp seien nach wie vor möglich. Die Teilnahme sei dank des EU-Förderprogramms „Interreg South Baltic“ kostenlos. Unterbringung und Verpflegung werden ebenfalls anteilig gefördert.

Das Programm des „Nature Guide Bildungscamps“ besteht im Wesentlichen aus drei großen Themenkomplexen. Zunächst soll es dabei um den Naturtourismus generell gehen. Im zweiten Teil unter dem Titel „Business, Marketing und Recht“ geht es unter anderem um Fragen der Unternehmensgründung, der Vermarktung und der Einkommensmöglichkeiten. Der dritte Teil steht schließlich unter dem Motto „Outdoor Aktivitäten“. Dabei soll es vor allem um Beispiele aus der Praxis gehen. Vermittelt werde das Wissen durch Vorträge erfahrener Dozenten, bei Diskussionsrunden aber auch in Eigenarbeit, erklärt Janina Pankratz. Das Bildungscamp ist Teil des South-Baltic-Projektes „Nature Guide Network“, in dem Partner aus Deutschland, Polen und Litauen gemeinsam an einem nachhaltigen Naturtourismus in den jeweiligen Küstenregionen der drei Länder arbeiten. Zu den deutschen Partnern im Projekt gehört neben dem Transnationalen Netzwerk Odermündung HOP auch die Deutschen Umwelthilfe. Ziel soll es unter anderem sein, internationale Qualitätsstandards zu schaffen, sagt Janina Pankratz. So dass zum Bespiel ein polnischer Naturführer ohne weiteres eine Gruppe polnisch-sprachiger Touristen durch das Peenetal führen könnte. Und umgekehrt ein deutscher Naturführer auf der Kurischen Nehrung in Litauen unterwegs sein könnte. Auf lange Sicht könnte „Naturführer“ sogar zu einem anerkannten Beruf werden. Auch wenn die Entwicklung noch am Anfang steht: „Natur zu zeigen birgt ein großes wirtschaftliches Potenzial“, ist sich Janina Pankratz sicher.
Anmeldung zum Bildungscamp unter:

Start of NG Training in LT

Nature Guide training started in Lithuania

We are glad to announce that Nature Guide Training has begun in Curonian Spit National Park on 21-22nd September in Lithuania.

More than 100 people wanted to attend the course which shows clear interest in such training and job profile. In the training group we have professional guides, protected areas workers, life sciences students and nature knowledgeable people from the region, meaning all of them have different knowledge, experiences and interests in nature guiding but all have great interest in nature and motivation in becoming qualified nature guide or establishing nature tourism business.
The training program has started with presentation of the project, Nature Guide profile and training program. The participants got to know the organizing team and signed obligations to participate in the course. The first lecture was given by professional ornithologist Marius Karlonas from Birding Lithuania, where the participants got to know about principles in nature guiding, organizing ornithological tours and learning essentials of birds’ life and common species.

A big part of the course was outdoors, observing bird migration in the Curonian Spit and meeting even rare species in our region, such as Sandwich Tern (Thalasseus sandvicensis). For many course participants, this was the first deeper encounter with ornithology and now they have their eyes and ears set on birds for the coming half year, learning bird songs and appearances for the examination.

Nature Guide Bildungscamp – Bewerbung

Nature Guide Bildungscamp – Weiterbildung für zertifizierte Natur-/ Landschaftsführer*innen (ZNL) & Interessierte

Das „Nature Guide Bildungscamp“ richtet sich an ausgebildete ZNL oder Interessierte aus Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, die motiviert sind, sich im Bereich Business, Marketing & Recht und Outdoor Aktivitäten weiterzubilden und damit perspektivisch erste Angebote als Nature Guide/ZNL zu starten bzw. bestehende Angebote zu optimieren.

Das Nature Guide Bildungscamp soll vorhandenes Grundwissen erweitern, Kommunikationstechniken vermitteln und austesten, in professionellen Umgang mit Outdoor-Aktivitäten einführen sowie Praxiswissen zur Unternehmensgründung, Produktentwicklung und zum Marketing vermitteln und entsprechende Fragen beantworten. Außerdem soll die Möglichkeit zum Austausch sowohl mit Fachkräften aus Naturschutz, Gästeführung und Naturtourismus als auch untereinander (ZNL zu ZNL) geboten werden, um ein aktives Nature Guide Network in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern aufzubauen.

Seien Sie mit dabei!

Weiterführende Informationen sind dem angehängten Flyer sowie unserer Webseite zu entnehmen: Nature Guide Ausbildung.

Network day in Stolpe

Networking Day at Nature Park Flusslandschaft Peenetal (GER)

On 5 September a network meeting with a variety of regional initiatives, representatives of regional authorities and tourism stakeholders took place in the center of the nature park Flusslandschaft Peenetal (river landscape Peenetal) in Stolpe (Germany).

The aim of the networking day was, above all, to talk about the current plans, projects and developments of the individual participants and to establish new partnerships for the implementation of respective measures regarding to regional development. Some stakeholders mentioned in this context, for example, their activities to expand the net of cycle tracks, a corresponding signage concepts and additional information panels as a better service for guest in the region.

Furthermore, the head of nature park center talked about the rising number of visitors in the nature park region in the last years and the positive influence of a big swamp protection project on the attractiveness of the region. Nature conservation measures and sustainable tourism offers as an important component for sustainable regional development played a special role in this network day.

The associations Environmental Action Germany (DUH e.V.) and HOP e.V. also presented the Nature Guide Network project and promoted the Nature Guide Education Week, which will take place in November in Trittelwitz, near Demmin (Germany). The corresponding information and leaflet to that education week will be presented soon here at the webpage.

Gamtos gidų mokymo kursus

Gamtos gidų kursai

Kviečiame į Gamtos gidų mokymo kursus vakarų Lietuvos saugomose teritorijose, kurių metu įgysite gidavimo gamtoje įgūdžių ir gamtos interpretavimo pagrindų, susipažinsite su gamtinių buveinių pažinimo principais, saugomų teritorijų vertybėmis, sutiksite entuziastingų gamtininkų, mokslininkų ir praktikų, kurių žinios padės tapti kvalifikuotais gamtos gidais!

Kursų pradžia 2019 m. rugsėjo 21 d., pabaiga 2020 m. gegužės 10 d. Susitikimai vyks Kuršių nerijos nacionaliniame parke, Nemuno deltos regioniniame parke, Pajūrio regioniniame parke ir Klaipėdos Universitete.

Sužinokite daugiau ir registruokitės iki 2019 m. rugsėjo 1 d. Gamtos gidų kursai

Start NG Training LT

Start of Nature Guide training course in Lithuania

As part of the Nature Guide Network Lithuania is the first partner country to offer pilot training. The courses in Poland and Germany will follow soon.

Please note: 

the article above containts information and application of the Lithuanian training in national language. Below in this post you can find the most important information in English:

Finally, after long preparation time, in-depth thinking and many discussions, Lithuanian team is starting registration to the pilot Nature Guide Training Course. The course will start on 21st September and last until 10th May 2020. This long-term training will take place every second weekend with one-month winter holiday break. The meetings will be held in Curonian Spit National Park, Coastal Regional Park, Nemuno Delta Regional Park and Klaipeda University.

The course consists of three main learning modules about nature, management, communication and interpretation specifics. The lecturers will be specialists in life-sciences and wild-life, active tourism and nature business, research and NGO, all of them sharing the best practice they have in interactive and intriguing way.

For various reasons, the training course is dedicated to Lithuanians and a cozy group of 20 people will be formed. At the end of the course, all participants will have to prepare a guided nature tour, and successful ones will be awarded a certificate meeting recommendations of „European Norm EN 15565:2008: Standard for the Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides in Europe“.

How to win new network partners!

How to win new network partners!

The association HOP e.V. – official project partner of the Nature Guide Network project in Germany – is developing a letter of intent, trying to win new network partners in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The German federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was the official partner of the International Tourism Fair (ITB) Berlin in 2018 – the Nature Guide Network project was presented here – and one year ago, the Peeneregion in the district of Vorpommern won the special prize in the Germany-wide competition “Sustainable Tourism Destinations” in the category “Nature Experience & Biodiversity “. Currently, the tourism strategy of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is being revised, whereby sustainable tourism offers are being taken more into focus.

The time is right for “more nature tourism” in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – not least, because for years various especially regional players from tourism / retail sector, nature conservation and regional development work to promote nature tourism along the Western Pomeranian coast. The Nature Guide Network project already benefits from existing contacts of all project partners with e.g. nature conservation authorities and tourism stakeholders in all partner countries. Nevertheless, the idea of an ​​independent education as a Nature Guide has to be further disseminated and discussed.

In addition to various official network meetings of all three partner nations (see also Facebook posts), individual interviews with representatives from retail, tourism and education are now being sought. They will be informed about the project and will have the possibility to sign a non-binding letter of intent. This includes various variants of the support of the Nature Guide Network project, first and foremost the future education as Nature Guide and a possible employment of a trained Nature Guide in their own company. The HOP e.V. has already held its first talks in the district of Vorpommern – the idea of ​​Nature Guides as important players in sustainable tourism is therefore continuing to grow.

The other partners in the Nature Guide Network project welcomed this initiative and are now considering adapting the letter of intent to their respective national needs in order to approach potential regional as well as transregional network partners.

Enclosed the German version of the letter of intent as a pdf.