Activities for the following group size

2 - 10 persons

My target groups

Adults, Senior citizens, Families

Length of tours

2 - 20km

Catering/food supply during tour



long tour 50 - 80€ (15€ per person); short tour 10€ per person

About me

As I grew up in a village near a forest, I know and feel nature and its change. I have been interested in plants and their properties since childhood. I have lived in the Curonian Spit for more than 30 years, so I spend most of my free time in nature all year round. This year, I completed the Nature Guide training and supplemented and systematized my knowledge. I cannot wait to share them with my guests now.

Why a trip to my region is worthwhile

It is a unique protected territory, famous for its nature and history, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Curonian Spit is rich in rare species of plants and insects, and large numbers of birds migrate in spring and autumn.

Topics of my tours
Activities offered
Special tour offers

4 - 6h, 10km hike trip with Nordic sticks "Seaside-seaside” (through the Parnidis Landscape Reserve, seaside, Urbo and Angiai hills, seaside)

One day, 20km hike through the hills Nida - Preila (Urbo-Giedružė-Vecekrugas-Artists (Preila) dunes

3h, 4km walk in the forest “Stories of the Old Nida Forest”

3h, 4 - 5km “Secrets of the plants of the Curonian Spit” slow walk around the shade and meadows of the Curonian Spit coast, introduction to plants, medicinal properties, tea made from collected plants, hydrolate (in spring and autumn)

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