Company name

Naturreisen MV

Activities for the following group size

Canoe tours and outdoor cooking: up to max. 12 people; Hikes and bike tours: up to max. 20 people

My target groups

Adults, Senior citizens, Families

Length of tours

Hikes: 3 - 8 km, canoe tours: 4 - 20 km (for multi-day tours up to 80 km), bike tours: 20 - 40 km

Catering/food supply during tour

Tour-Stop at a restaurant, café or similar, Cooking and eating together as a tour theme, On request


depending on the tour: 18 - 75 € per adult; 8 - 39 € per child; 180 - 240 € per group (for 3-4 hour tours)

About me

II spent most of my childhood on the island of Rügen, so it is no wonder that my love for nature was born there. My parents were out with us children almost every weekend, through the woods, across the meadows, along the beaches. They sparked in me the enthusiasm for nature and its phenomena and manifestations, which I have retained to this day. I am still as happy as a child about discovering new things: a butterfly never seen before, a particularly beautiful flower and also the thousandth tree frog that jumps my way, still makes me happy.
I would like to pass on this enthusiasm and share with others what makes me happiest - being outdoors in nature. After more than 15 years of successful work as a computer scientist in various areas of application (development cooperation, education, technology transfer), I gave up my job, completed the training as a certified nature and landscape guide and founded my enterprise Naturreisen MV in December 2012.

Why a trip to my region is worthwhile

The coastal dynamics in the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park create a fascinating, constantly changing landscape with new coastlines. Land losses due to wind and waves on picturesque beaches on one side, growing headlands, new beaches and dunes on the other. An ideal habitat for hundreds of thousands of birds. In every season, other species are guests and can be observed well.
Wind and waves also throw plenty of treasures on the Baltic Sea beach. Not only the so call gold of the sea, the amber, magically attracts people. Special stones with wholes in it (famous german name: Hühnergötter), thunderbolts and other fossils are also exciting beach finds. Broken glass, beautifully patinized due to the sanding of billows, is not just civilization waste, but also tells the story of its origin by its shape and color!
The hinterland, especially the Recknitz and Trebel river valleys, on the other hand, are rather small insider tips for nature lovers. Here you are mostly alone, on the bike, in a canoe or on foot. The rivers Recknitz and Trebel form the historical border between Mecklenburg and Pomerania, but can be explored very well by canoe today. More than 100 breeding bird species are at home here, it is the westernmost distribution area of the lesser spotted eagle, the beaver has been at home here again since 1991.

Special tour offers

Amber Walk - In Search of the “Gold of the Sea”
Outdoor cooking - cooking & enjoying on an open fire
Evening mood on the Recknitz - in the area of Beaver, Eagle & Co.
Canoe tour on the "Amazon of the north"

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