Company name

NGO “Zemaitijos keliais”

Activities for the following group size

2 - 12 people, groups of 4 are optimum

My target groups

Adults, Families

Length of tours

Hiking 3 - 20 km, Horse-riding 5 - 30 km, Jeep trips 40 - 200 km

Catering/food supply during tour

Tour-Stop at a restaurant, café or similar, Cooking and eating together as a tour theme, On request


Hiking: 10 - 25€ pp, Jeep tours: 40 - 160€ pp, Horse riding: 20 - 60€ pp

About me

I grew up in the beautiful nature of the Samogitia region and it made me realise how important it was for my grandparents and ancestors. I became very interested in the history of Samogitia, the old traditions and values. Therefore my wish is to help guests and visitors to discover the charm of the Samogitian nature and its connectedness with the old traditions and history.

Why a trip to my region is worthwhile

Samogitia region is rich in cultural heritage and offers plenty of beautiful nature sites: forests, lakes, rivers, marshes and other untouched places to discover. Samogitia was the last place in Europe where Christianity was introduced and still has surviving places of worship and various mystical sites in nature.

The Samogitia region has a lot to offer: from a quiet recharge being surrounded by nature to active trips by jeeps, bicycles or water sports.

Topics of my tours
Activities offered
Special tour offers

1.       “The holy forest trail”

Hiking trip (about 20 km) through the ancient landscape, accompanied by Samogitian horses.


2.       “Footsteps of the ancestors”

One day tour with the jeep. Traveling to three scenic historical places of Samogitia: defensive hillfort “Medvėgalis”, holy fire ritual on “Šatrija” hillfort and an ancient settlement in Lopaičiai with healing water, mystical stones and spirits.


3.       “The remnants of the cold war”

One day tour with the jeep to the world war II nuclear missile bases in Plateliai and Šateikiai.

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