Company name

Birding Lithuania Tours - UAB “Ornitostogos”

Activities for the following group size

Optimum: 10-14 Person, but we also offer private tours

My target groups

Adults, Senior citizens, Couples

Length of tours

5-10 km per day

Catering/food supply during tour

Tour-Stop at a restaurant, café or similar, Organised by me, On request


Personal day tours (incl. guide & transport): starts from 150 €/ day. If you join our group tour for instance 9 days long: approx. 1200 € (incl. accommodations, meals, transport, guiding etc. )

About me

I have been deeply passionate about birds and nature conservation since my childhood - a passion that continues unreservedly to this day. Since 2008 I have been an active volunteer, participant, and activist in all of the most important voluntary actions of the Lithuanian Ornithological Society (LOD).
Later, I was elected to the LOD Board and graduated as an ornithological expert in the Secretariat of the Society. In this position I am responsible to advice the Society in all questions of ornithological and birdwatching tourism. At the same time, I study ecology at Aleksandras Stulginskis University. I have been working as a bird guide in all regions of Lithuania since 2011 and am delighted to be able to offer guided tours to foreign guests.
At the beginning of 2017, Birding Lithuania Tours (Ornitostogos) was founded, which is the first and most outstanding tourism provider to offer bird watching in all of Lithuania. I believe that Lithuania will become one of the most popular nature tourism destinations in Europe in the near future.

Why a trip to my region is worthwhile

Lithuania is a land of outstanding natural beauty. Traditionally, its countryside has been considered as agricultural by many from outside its borders; however, vast woodland areas together with diverse bog complexes, natural river valleys and numerous lake systems suggest that Lithuania, more typically, represents a European forest region with a predomination of boreal woodland. The country possesses a diverse countryside landscape with a low human population. Here you will witness flooded meadows holding flocks of geese, ducks and waders, rich and natural coastal waters and an excellent infrastructure for comfortable travelling that makes Lithuania to one of the favourite destinations for wildlife observation in Europe.
Four distinct seasons coupled with a myriad of calm and completely unspoiled natural spaces all come together to increase Lithuania’s attractiveness for lovers of nature and wildlife. There are silent sandy coastlines, flooded meadows, countless lakes surrounded by natural wild-flower meadows, divergent types of old forest stands, large bogs and swamps; all factors which determine the diversity of bird fauna, including those exclusively rare in Europe.

Special tour offers

Different options for birdwatching, wildlife watching and photography tours all over Lithuania and during different seasons. Please visit our website:

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