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Dramatic coastlines and vast lagoons, thick forests and mysterious boglands – the Baltic Coast along Germany, Poland, and Lithuania is a place of stunning landscapes and natural wonders. Here, in the heart of Europe, where you would least expect it, unspoilt wilderness remains. Together with a qualified Nature Guide you can delve into a world of untamed, natural beauty and fascinating local cultures. Find out more about the adventures that await you!

Northeastern Germany

Natural wonders of the coastal hinterlands

Western Lithuania

Shifting dunes on a narrow spit in the Baltic Sea

Northern Poland

Wild rivers and a paradise
for birds

Revealing the beauty of nature

Blossoming wonders just off the path, mysterious footprints in the sand, and the sighing of the wind in the treetops – too often we fail to notice these little things. Nature speaks in tongues of lushness, prosperity, and inspiration that often go unheard.

Nature Guides help reveal those little secrets and the bigger picture, so you can sharpen your senses for the miracles of nature. As mediators between our human experience and the natural world, they create the opportunity to experience unique natural phenomena and look beyond the horizon.

Why choose a Nature Guide?

Experience natural phenomena at first hand

Unforgettable tours with qualified local guides

Sustainability and care for nature and the region

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