Working hand in hand (1): Curonian Spit Nationalpark Administration

Working hand in hand – The success of a vibrant network

Working hand in hand is the key to success, especially for single-acting entrepreneurs like most Nature Guides are. Therefore, we decided to set up a website-series of possible partnerships and hands-on cooperation between Nature Guides and network partners to show opportunities for enlarging the benefits for all Nature Guide Network parties.


Part one: Curonian Spit National Park Administration / Lithuania
One example of good cooperation between Nature Guides and other network partners can be found for instance in Lithuania with the Curonian Spit National Park. Here, the park administration has recently set up new infrastructure that supports the work of the local Nature Guides but also helps individual tourists to orientate and inform themselfes.


Curonian Spit Nationalpark Lithania Infoboards


There are about 50 appealing information boards in the territory of the park, which will help to get to know the natural and cultural environment of the Curonian Spit and its unique landscape better and more vivid. On the one hand, the boards contribute to visitor guidance and build awareness for individual visitors – a great way to understand how to enjoy nature in protected areas without harming it. On the other hand, it creates a nice opportunity for Nature Guides to show their guests wildlife footage and to illustrate interesting facts or historical pictures of the beautiful landscape. They can use the panels as an attractive place to go and use the illustrations to complement their hiking or cycling tours perfectly. This visual support can underline their messages and make the experience for their guests even more interesting and impressive.


Curonian Spit Nationalpark Lithania Infoboards


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