Music is in the air

When we talk about music, we enter different worlds: listening to music, playing music or dancing to the sound of music. Music has the power to touch us deeply, to make us sad or happy. Usually, we understand music as something made by humans. But what about the natural music, the sounds of nature?

The natural world provides countless varieties of sounds, rhythms and melodies. In very few areas, one can experience deep silence and toneless depth.


International Tourist Guide Day

The International Tourist Guide Day (ITGD) takes place annually on 21st February. On that day, the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) was founded, and celebrates this special day since 1990. The association aims to draw attention to the essential work of well-trained and certified tourist guides. This year, the Nature Guide Network wishes to join the 2021 slogan “Music is in the air”, set by the German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD). We want to move from the usual approach of the creation and making of music to its original and purest version: the sounds of nature and the environment.

We want to use this great opportunity to make this year’s slogan of the International Tourist Guide Day more popular. We also want to inspire and encourage Nature Guides of the Network to focus more on the wonderful topic of nature sounds during their tours or even create special tour offers around this topic.

Wasser, Ostsee, Philipp Deus, Unsplash

Fun and Inspiration for potential guests of their tours

Further, we invite all Nature Guides to share their favorite nature sound or a special tone with the friends of the Nature Guide Network media (website, Facebook, Instagram). Thus, the Guides can let the readers get a taste of the special characteristics of their “outside world” and inspire us all to join their tours.


How does it work?

Just send us a short mail to the email address below and upload a sound clip of „your“ sounds on our owncloud (max. 1 minute long, as a mp3-file). We will add it to your personal Nature Guide profile on our website. Beyond that, we aim to share the sounds as a quiz or inspiration via Facebook and Instagram – so feel free to use extraordinary sounds, too!


Upload your audio file here: Link to the owncloud




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