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Mar 10
Nature Guide Network online seminar series started

The kick-off of the Nature Guide Network online seminar series was a great success: Last Friday, round about 30 participants from 7 different countries joined the first seminar. A good mix of tour guides (majority) as well as representatives from the tourism sector and environmental protection authorities enabled different perspectives on the nature guide business. […]

Feb 25
Working hand in hand (1): Curonian Spit Nationalpark Administration

Working hand in hand – The success of a vibrant network Working hand in hand is the key to success, especially for single-acting entrepreneurs like most Nature Guides are. Therefore, we decided to set up a website-series of possible partnerships and hands-on cooperation between Nature Guides and network partners to show opportunities for enlarging the […]

Feb 22
Music is in the air

When we talk about music, we enter different worlds: listening to music, playing music or dancing to the sound of music. Music has the power to touch us deeply, to make us sad or happy. Usually, we understand music as something made by humans. But what about the natural music, the sounds of nature? The […]

Jan 27
Corona and the effects on tourism and nature in Germany

After experiencing drastic restrictions in the touristic traffic during the Corona year 2020, the tourism sector as well as the nature conservation are now facing a challenging holiday season again. On 19 January, a digital conference about “Designing sustainable tourism in Germany – usage pressure in destinations and successful visitor guidance” took place, organized by […]

Dec 10
Growing interest in nature guiding in Lithuania

In a challenging time when COVID-19 has a significant negative impact on the tourism sector, more and more people are turning to nature tours. After the successful completion of the Nature Guide Training in Lithuania in August this year, this became clear at another further training course for nature guides from Lithuania at the end […]

Oct 09
Nature Guide Network makes a grand appearance at regional products fair in Warnemünde

Overlooking the Baltic Sea port with an impressive glass front, the cruise terminal of Warnemünde made for a brilliant venue to host the very first fair for local products “Regional + Bio in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” on October 7. A conglomerate of 14 entrepreneurs and local initiators from Pomerania joined forces under the umbrella of “pommernArche” to […]

Sep 11
23 New Certified Nature Guides in Lithuania

After nearly one year, Lithuanian Nature Guide training officially is over with 23 new nature guides! Although the training was prolonged due to COVID-19 outbreak almost for 4 months our participants devoted their summer time to attend nature interpretation lectures and prepare their final tours. And so, last Saturday we held the final certification event. […]

Sep 08
West Pomeranian Nature Guide Training under way

The global Covid-19 pandemic has made things more complicated for everyone, even for the Nature Guide training programme as part of the South Baltic Nature Guide Network in Poland. The first two training sessions were thus held online using ZOOM. After careful consideration it was agreed that a field meeting was possible, too, and 12 […]

Aug 21
All Aboard for Regional Development and Nature Conservation

It’s a sunny Tuesday morning in August, some visitors are busy reading the information boards at the Peene River Valley Nature Park center, and Frank Götz-Schlingmann couldn’t be happier to welcome the group of international visitors walking up to the thatched house that moment. He is what people call a “networker”: He connects different stakeholders, […]

Aug 14
Guide Examination in the Lithuanian Summer Heat

The final tours of the Lithuanian Nature Guide training programme took place in the hot summer sun! After nearly one year of studying, our Nature Guide training participants demonstrated their skills and knowledge in nature, culture, communication, organizing, safety and interpretation last week. All evaluation teams enjoyed the tours and were very grateful for participants’ […]