Nature Guide Network makes a grand appearance at regional products fair in Warnemünde

Overlooking the Baltic Sea port with an impressive glass front, the cruise terminal of Warnemünde made for a brilliant venue to host the very first fair for local products “Regional + Bio in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” on October 7. A conglomerate of 14 entrepreneurs and local initiators from Pomerania joined forces under the umbrella of “pommernArche” to present their products and services at the fair. Among them: South Baltic Nature Guide Network.

The products displayed at pommernArche’s exhibition booth reflect Pomerania’s rich history and artisanal traditions, with culinary and artisanal products that translate the flavors and uniqueness of the region into consumer products. As a promising initiative, the Polish-German transnational brand “pommern | pomorze” was revealed to the public at the fair. The South Baltic Nature Guide Network aims to connect Nature Guides with other stakeholders of sustainable regional development: A whole region can benefit from nature guiding activities, since Nature Guides bring visitors to the area and may even include a visit to local cafés, restaurants and shops into their itineraries. Collaborations between Nature Guides and local businesses are therefore essential to make the most of such effects. The local products fair thus was a vital opportunity to build partnerships and to make the brand “Nature Guide Network” known among potential future network partners.

Martin Schröter of HOP Transnational Network Oder Delta, who represented the Nature Guide Network at the event, was kept busy handing out leaflets and passing on information to an interested crowd. “Many of the entrepreneurs and businessowners here are very interested in nature tourism, so we had a lot of promising exchanges today. To me, this day was a great success.”

(Image: Fritz Fischer)


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