Nature Guide Training in Poland successfully completed

After some inconveniences and difficulties due to Corona regulations in the past months, finally, the Nature Guide pilot training in Poland could be successfully completed now at the end of May. In the last module of the quadripartite pilot training – a mix of e-learning and practical parts – 16 participants were able to enjoy five days of hands-on training, listen to specialist lectures, discuss and network with each other.

It did not bother anyone that the exercises had to be carried out in small groups to comply with the Corona regulations. On the contrary, it created more space for individual questions and personal assistance. All in all, the participants seemed enthusiastic and directly asked about the next prosecution of the training.


The Nature Guide training was organised and executed by a various team of experienced nature photographers and other trainers who are mainly full-time active in nature tourism. They were also pleased as they could hand over certifications to their students in the end. “The fact that the majority of participants were able to develop their ideas and that they are motivated to implement those raises hopes for a solid Nature Guide Network in the region and other parts of Poland”, says Artur Furdyna, a Nature Guide and organizer of the pilot training. He and the polish team of the Nature Guide Network already received numerous requests for cooperation – even from the most distant parts of the country.
By now, the years of activities in the Nature Guide Network pay off, so that new cooperation between experienced guides continuously develop and stabilize.