Objectives and measures

Objectives and measures of the project

1. Professionalization of Nature Guides

In exchange of all project partners and with experiences of guide trainings in other nations, we create a Nature Guide profile and training which is based on the same values and claims and still takes into account the framework conditions of the respective nation. The training is one of the most important project objective – it enables the Nature Guides to develop their own tour concepts with sufficient background knowledge and skills to finally offer their tours to the market. A quality assessment and an evaluation improve contents, trainers and additional requirements of the pilot training to secure a well-balanced qualitative regular education for nature guides in future in all partner countries – and possibly beyond.

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2. Create and foster nature tourism networks

Well-functioning networks are also needed to provide Nature Guides a stable basis for their offers and actions. On the one hand, a network is being set up for the Nature Guides themselves, where information provision, exchange of experience and possibilities for cooperation among each other should be possible. On the other hand, existing networks are to be strengthened in nature tourism and for the development of rural regions: the aim is to improve the exchange between and the participation of authorities, tourism associations, NGOs, nature guides and the active citizens.

3. Strengthen nature tourism sector by Nature Guide offers

Increasingly, vacationers want to have extraordinary nature experiences in addition to the classical tourist offer – with their tours and experience concepts, the Nature Guides serve this demand. The project endeavors to professionalize the framework conditions for Nature Guides in nature tourism through regular network meetings and public relations so that the prerequisites for a reliable basic income of the Nature Guides are created. The Nature Guide and its offerings add value to other tourist services at local level (e.g. accommodation, food, transport). Recommendation marketing among each other and lively contacts via networks are the most important factors in promoting sustainable nature tourism.