Curonian Lagoon

Curonian Lagoon region

The Curonian Lagoon region is shaped by four well-marked seasons, hilly, sandy, swampy and plain landscape, and two ethnographic regions with different culture, history and cuisine, all of them enriching with new insights and authentic experiences. Within the region, there are three state protected areas and a great number of Natura 2000 network sites. The western coast is an encounter place of three nature forces – air, water and earth, each of them marking human adaptation in flood areas, travelling sand dunes, shrubby plains or deep forests.

Within 100 km of a distance one will discover authentic remains of fisherman life and present tourism resort, protected as UNESCO World Heritage Site, will step on the bottom of an ancient Litorina Sea, will search for amber pieces, will climb on human-made hillforts and will observe massive bird migration in Nemunas delta. Just in two small regions so much to discover.

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The Coronian Lagoon region offer a multitude of interesting regions, which can be explored particularly well in the national and regional parks and in the nature reserves. But also beyond, there are also beautiful places of special elements and with a high biodiversity worth discovering.

1) Curonian Spit National Park / Kuršių nerijos nacionalinis parkas
2) Nemuno Delta Regional Park / Nemuno deltos regioninis parkas
3) Coastal Regional Park / Pajūrio regioninis parkas