Further progress in Nature Guide pilot training in Lithuania

Further progress in Nature Guide pilot training in Lithuania

The Nature Guide Training course in Lithuania has finished its first module Nature/History/Culture, which lasted for 2 months with 6 meetings every second weekend. So far we had very interesting topics about ecosystems, ornithology, mammals, forestry, cultural landscapes, geology, animal tracing, meteorology and more.


Our participants are very much driven into learning specifics about nature of the region and our lecturers happened to be real experts in their field! Though for some lecturers it was real challenge to teach about their decades-lasting research topic in one day, with interesting short theory and interactive fun practice.

All participants evaluated every course according to Quality Assurance System‘s questionnaire. So far we had very diverse feedback about the training, mostly dependent on previous knowledge and educational background of the participants. The main strengths of the training so far were professional lecturers, interesting field trips and practical workshops.

However, some pilot training’s weaknesses were mentioned too, such as too much theoretical non-applicable information, not enough practice, too little time for broad topics. This feedback was very valuable for the Training Program Management Committee and some improvements will be made in the next module. So, we will continue the training course again early in January with new module Legislation/Management/Communication with lots of practice and interactive sessions.

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