Polish-German Business Panel

Nature Guide Network at the 91st German-Polish Business Forum

On 4 December, the 91st German-Polish Business Forum on “The Development of thematic Tourism in the Euroregion Pomerania” took place in Stralsund, organized by the Service and Advisory Center of the Euroregion Pomerania (Greifswald).

The occasion of the event is the increasing economic importance of tourism in the Euroregion Pomerania as well as the changing demand structure of the guests. Certain activities or holiday themes – such as sports, horse riding, event tourism or wellness tourism – are more and more often the decisive criterion for choosing a holiday destination. For the tourism associations and communities as well as for the providers of tourism services of both countries, this also creates challenges and new opportunities. Nature tourism offers on the mainland, far from the typical seaside resorts, are gaining in importance.

Thus, the Nature Guide Network project has its fingers on the pulse: we presented in Stralsund the first development results of an international platform for nature tourism offers by the Nature Guides from Poland, Germany and Lithuania. Through talks with companies and stakeholders from the Euroregion during the event, the Nature Guide Network continued to grow.

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