Start of NG Training in LT

Nature Guide training started in Lithuania

We are glad to announce that Nature Guide Training has begun in Curonian Spit National Park on 21-22nd September in Lithuania.

More than 100 people wanted to attend the course which shows clear interest in such training and job profile. In the training group we have professional guides, protected areas workers, life sciences students and nature knowledgeable people from the region, meaning all of them have different knowledge, experiences and interests in nature guiding but all have great interest in nature and motivation in becoming qualified nature guide or establishing nature tourism business.
The training program has started with presentation of the project, Nature Guide profile and training program. The participants got to know the organizing team and signed obligations to participate in the course. The first lecture was given by professional ornithologist Marius Karlonas from Birding Lithuania, where the participants got to know about principles in nature guiding, organizing ornithological tours and learning essentials of birds’ life and common species.

A big part of the course was outdoors, observing bird migration in the Curonian Spit and meeting even rare species in our region, such as Sandwich Tern (Thalasseus sandvicensis). For many course participants, this was the first deeper encounter with ornithology and now they have their eyes and ears set on birds for the coming half year, learning bird songs and appearances for the examination.

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